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Mixology Services

Carousel Bar
  • Handsome mobile bars
  • Cocktail recipes are hand selected, customized, or custom created for you.
  • Themes and special effects available (i.e. flames, fogs, large displays, flair)
  • Customizable mobile bars are available upon request.
  • Cocktails can be hand selected, customized, or created custom for your event.
  • A variety of unique effects are available: flame, dry ice, etc.
Lime Wheels
Ashley Bartending
  • Our drink lists and recipes can be made available for guests to take home as a souvenir of the evening.
  • Our staff makes each drink to order, captivating your guests with stylistic bartending.
  • All staff, preparation time, and tools provided.
Meila Event

"Un-agitated Hand-Pressed Juice"

Bar Programs

Basic Package

  • A bar program that delivers a standard set of drinks with world-class style.
  • Our basic bar service package can be added at no extra charge. It's our default.
Bartenders Ice Bucket

"4 Types of ice made in-house"


Signature Cocktail Package

Drink artistry

""Drink Artistry

  • A set of specially selected cocktails, or unique cocktails specific for your event.
  • Customized menus and recipe cards can be created for your event and can serve as a take-home souvenir for guests.
Lemonade rose Cocktai

"Custom Themes"

Seasonal cocktail varieties

"Seasonal varieties"



Classic Cocktail planings

Interactive Cocktail Experience

  • Interactive Cocktail Stations will turn your party into an interactive, hands-on experience. Guests will leave with more than just a few cocktails – this is a learning experience like no other.
  • Mojito/Caipirinha making station and the art of muddling
  • The perfect Martini/Manhattan and the art of stirring
  • Fast balance (a quick sensory demonstration on how to balance cocktails)
  • Club bartending and Flair
  • The Classic Mai Tai
  • Your own signature cocktail station
  • “Combo stations”, which may be desirable for fewer than 50 guests
SF mixology Bartending

""Bar Setups Virtually Anywhere

Cocktail Theatre (Can be executed multiple times during your event)

  • Our Introduction to Mixology Class will be delivered during your event.
    This approximately 45 minute interactive discussion will traverse the history of the American cocktail with a chronological tasting of cocktails as they’ve evolved in the past 200 years.
  • Accompanying informational handouts will be sent to participants summarizing all in-class content (i.e. ratios and formulas, rules and methodologies, etc) to help them bartend at home

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