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SFMixology provides education and consulting services for alcohol and beverage service professionals who wish to increase their productivity, knowledge, and earning power. We also work with businesses to create workshops and classes to train their employees and representatives.

Retail managers and brand representatives we have worked with have benefited by increased knowledge of their product line. By solidifying their core competencies, companies can expect improved quality of service, general increased understanding of the industry and specific brands, as well as improved knowledge of current mixology trends by their representatives and employees.



Our staff is experienced with using all forms of information resources to gain awareness for your food and beverage program. We will utilize our contacts at local media firms to promote public relations. Local blogs and forums will be used to hype your opening and discuss your concept. Social media will provide increased awareness of your programs. In the end, the sophistication of our business model, and the execution of the program will keep your customers happy and returning regularly.



We have a deep understanding of the local scene, and can lend our expertise to you. The Bay Area is at the front of the pack in the mixology world. The population here is incredibly knowledgeable about cocktails and demanding in terms of bartending quality, understanding, and service. You'll find that not only SF Mixology, but many local providers are on par with those operating on a national level. Location is key to competitive advantage.


Bar Design

The staff at SF Mixology has worked behind countless bars, and as any experienced bartender will tell you - the design of a bar can make or break your business. A mistake that many new bar owners often make is hiring contractors and consultants who can make a bar look amazing, but who have no experience behind one. SF Mixology has worked with many Bay Area establishments to create an area behind the bar that is not just great looking, but efficient and practical, as well.


Cocktails and Menu

We can help create and innovate your cocktail menu to greatly impact the efficiency of the bartender, and by extension, the efficiency of your bar. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill it takes to set your team up for success with a delicious menu that won't break the bank.



The staff at SF Mixology has trained thousands of bartenders over the years -- in fact, almost every bar in San Francisco has had at least one bartender who has been trained by our people!

SF Mixology has a standard training program that can be adjusted to your needs. While we can offer abbreviated trainings, we recommend 3-5 days of rigorous hands-on experiential learning. During this time, we teach your staff not only the drinks and methodology of an upscale club/lounge, but also the protocol and information that's important for your specific organization.


Staffing and Hiring

SF Mixology has an extensive network of both fledgling and experienced bartenders. Our contacts throughout the Bay Area include bartenders we have trained, as well as established mixologists.


Inventory and Supplies

The team at SF Mixology can help you to perfect techniques in inventory tracking, liquor ordering, and handling of liquor reps. Having a strategy in place ahead of time to deal with this important aspect of business will set you and your team on a cost-saving, data-driven track.


We assisted in:
consulting, staffing, and/or training of staff at hundreds of businesses including