Cocktail Classes for Bartending

Essential Mixology (Preq: Intro. to Mixology)

Cocktail dining

Tasting: ★★★★★

Bartending: ★★★★★

Academics: ★★★★★

This is our magnificent flagship course. A SIX hour course designed for the serious connoisseur or professional bartender and is an all inclusive class crammed into one day.

Take a sensory journey and learn how to taste:

  • Learn different dimensions of balance

  • How to express subtleties in cocktails

  • Structure and enhancing flavors

  • Work with 10 sub-categories of cocktails

Learn the latest trends and methodologies in bartending and cocktail creation.

  • Stirring vs. shaking

  • Techniques for special garnishes and other accents

  • How to use different liqueurs

  • Ratios, formulas, rules, and the logic behind them

Team up with classmates at your own unique Mini-Craft Bars!

  • Play with dozens of exotic liqueurs

  • Use your own set of fresh juices, homemade syrups, bitters, and tinctures

  • Innovate and produce your own cocktail

  • Go head to head with other teams

Introduction to Mixology

Bartending Academics

Tasting: ★★★

Bartending: ★★★★

Academics: ★★★

Take part in a highly interactive crash course in mixology and bartending basics, you get a chance to taste a chronological history of cocktails and learn how alcohol overlaps human endeavors. You’ll love making cocktails and each person will go home with unique new skills, expanded friendships, and more than a favorite new cocktail – you’ll never look at alcohol the same way again!

Let us guide you through an incredible journey:

  • Take a small detour and find out about the beginnings of modern bartending.

  • Learn about the major categories of cocktails and the major recipes in those categories.

  • Use your senses to discover how individual ingredients affect the taste of a drink.

  • You'll learn to move, shake & strain like a professional bartender!

  • Step behind a real bar and use you're newly-acquired skills to make a great cocktail.

Spirits Evolution

Cocktail Making

Tasting: ★★★★


Academics: ★★★★

Our Spirits Evolution class focuses on the intriguing history of alcohol itself. 2 hours. 7 spirits. 25 tastings.

Travel through 2,000 years of alcohol history.

  • Trace the birth of distillation through the ages into Arabia, Europe, and the new world.

  • Understand how integral alcohol is to human history.

  • Hear the sordid and mysterious history of your favorite alcohol.

Become an alcohol connoisseur!

  • Taste Gin, Rum, Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Tequila, and Cognac

  • What is mouthfeel and why does it matter to my cocktail?

  • Learn the myriad characteristics of your favorite spirit.

  • Get comfortable with more words to know: terroir, flavor, and structure.